Using Custom-Printed Marketing Materials

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With the rise of digital marketing, many business owners assume printed marketing materials and direct mail are a thing of the past. But while online marketing can be highly effective and cost-efficient when done well, this does not cancel out the advantages of well-executed print marketing. Custom-designed, printed collateral still plays a significant role in successful marketing strategies, particularly for financial advisors.

Custom-designed, printed marketing materials help customers know, like, and trust you (see this article on The Know, Like, Trust Factor in Your Marketing) by making your brand more recognizable and memorable, and deepen relationships with existing clients. Here’s how.

The kinds of printed marketing materials

To grow your client base, your marketing materials should feature your expertise and present a polished brand. Your prospects want to know they can trust your knowledge as well as trust that you can help them reach their financial goals. Low-quality printed materials undermine their confidence.

Your printed materials should include compelling messaging, an expertly designed layout, professional graphics and photography, and be printed on high-quality paper.

Some examples of printed materials to use in your marketing efforts include: