Use Quick Video Messages to Connect with Contacts

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When running and growing your own firm as an independent financial advisor, regularly communicating with your contacts is important. Building and maintaining relationships with your clients, prospects, centers of influence, and even your team requires a personal touch that is challenging to do at scale. This is where video messaging using simple, free or low-cost technology helps.

Sending quick video messages is an effective way to stay top of mind and regularly remind your connections that you are a resource they can count on and trust. You can provide updates, insights, news, and recommendations, as well as check in or ask for feedback in a personalized way. Seeing your face as you deliver your message fosters familiarity in a way that words on a screen can’t.

Here are some tips and tools to get started today.

Video messaging tips for advisors

While video messaging is a simple tactic that financial advisors can pick up with ease, there are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid and best practices for making things go smoothly.

Keep the content concise and videos short

Always assume your audience is busy, so get straight to the point. The idea is to send quick video messages at regular intervals, not deliver drawn-out speeches or cover a long list of topics. Think through what you will say in advance, and make notes if you need them. Say what you need to say and sign off.