Ask Brad: If College Football Was Run by a Broker/Dealer

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The annual college football bowl tradition is in full swing as I write this, marching toward the four-team playoff finale.

A few days ago, here in my hometown of Tampa Bay, the University of Central Florida Knights beat the University of Florida Gators in the Gasparilla Bowl.

For us Floridians, such an outcome was historically unimaginable. UCF, after all, would normally be deemed lucky even to get a chance to play UF, never mind beat them. But alas, this is Florida….so anything is possible!

UCF Coach Gus Malzahn received a $25,000 bonus for the victory.

While such a payday pales compared to the $800,000 bonus University of Alabama Coach Nick Saban is eligible to earn for winning the national championship game, it nonetheless got me thinking about compensation alignment.