How Advisors can Optimize Event Marketing

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In-person events are an effective marketing and sales tool to connect with existing clients and engage new prospects. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced advisors and their marketing teams to identify new platforms to generate revenue. Some advisors pivoted by hosting digital webinar-based events but faced difficulty duplicating the revenue opportunities from in-person events.

Event marketing is one of the biggest missed opportunities for financial advisors, regardless of the attendance rate or appointments booked. Why? Because advisors and marketers view it as a singular event, not an interconnected marketing ecosystem spanning weeks before and after the actual event. Digital marketing, particularly via marketing automation technology, is one of the best ways you can connect with clients and prospects before and after an event and build a stronger relationship and foundation of trust.

Here’s how advisors can maximize their event marketing ecosystem to drive more appointments from their in-person and digital events:

Plan your holistic marketing strategy

Before you can begin to market your event, it’s vital to properly plan the key details. You wouldn’t walk into a client meeting without proper prep, so don’t do the same with your events.

Determine the type of the event and the topic. Before picking a topic, analyze your engagement insights to see where your audience is already showing interest. Don’t generate your ideas in a silo; review and compare from multiple sources, such as the most visited webpages on your site, the most opened and clicked-through emails, what radio or television commercials are pulling the best, etc.