Ditch the Cubicles and Make Your Own Rules

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My firm recently launched a page on our website detailing our values; our “Built to Conquer Bullsh*t” header should give you a clue that you’re not in for a typical HR song and dance.

It’s been a phenomenal experience to share and has given us much to talk about as we challenge the industry to be better. But what does this look like day-to-day? How are we different beyond a good webpage full of great perks?

Like many of you, I once had an in-office, 8-5 job. As a creative director, I would often get in early to start my day before the team arrived and things got crazy. Tack on a commute, and it was more like 7-6.

In the winter months, the sun would barely be up by the time I got to the office and would most certainly be down by the time I went home. When the occasion called for me to work in the (windowless) studio, I could go all day without seeing daylight.

On a good day, I’d get to see my son for a moment before I left in the morning. We’d get an hour when I got home. Get in a workout? Over lunch, if I hurried (and didn’t eat) or at night if I didn’t (and gave up my evening).