Six Things Brokers Should Never Say

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I haven’t written one of these rips in a while, so I thought as an end of the year celebration I’d bring the “six phrases” series back and the first roast will focus on my personal favorite: brokers. I am thinking particularly about those who sell insurance, but these thoughts extend more broadly than that

Six phrases brokers love to say…but shouldn’t

I recently bought a few insurance policies. Here are some ridiculous statements that were made. I am burnt out from dealing with insurance agents.

1. “You can never have too much insurance.”

Ooooh yes you can!

If it makes you so broke you can’t afford to eat, then that would qualify as a situation where you have been sold one too many whole-life policies.

I have zero valuable jewelry. Outside of my laptop, everything I own is valueless kid toys and junk I bought for $25 at a yard sale. It was like talking to a wall trying to convince my agent that I didn’t need a jewelry clause on my policy – and guess why – because removing it meant he took a cut on commission!