What Happens to Assets in Celebrity and CEO Divorces?

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I’ve seen a lot of celebrity and CEO couples who have been married for a long time go through a divorce. Because the assets involved are very complex, divorce is more difficult when the spouses have a high-net worth. The usual norm is that marital assets, or the goods and property acquired by the parties during their marriage, are subject to division.

But where do financial investments fit into this equation?

How the division of assets between high-net-worth partners can go wrong

When two people decide to get married, they rarely think about their relationship ending in a divorce. However, the disheartening truth is that up to 50% of marriages fail. The fates of celebrities and other high-net-worth people, such as prominent business owners, chief executive officers, or chief financial officers, are no different.

The marriages of famous people are even more unstable than the merely wealthy, and the divorce rate among this demographic is even higher. This happens because high-net-worth people have busy and hectic schedules that prevent them from spending a healthy amount of quality time with their spouses and from communicating openly with each other.