Fiona Hill Explains the Worldwide Populist Backlash

The country had become dangerously divided after decades of postindustrial decline and the loss of mining and manufacturing jobs, economic crisis, shrinking opportunity, and the lack of socioeconomic mobility for many Americans, as well as more recent and rapid demographic change. The haves and have-nots in America essentially lived in and experienced two different countries when Trump came along.

Fiona Hill, There is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century

If President Trump’s first impeachment trial had handed out Oscars, the previously unknown Fiona Hill, with her clipped English accent and brusque, just-the-facts-ma’am demeanor surely would have won the award for best supporting role.

Which is a shame, since her high-profile testimony in that divisive drama will dissuade many from reading a book that speaks to all sides about the deepening divisions in American society – and, as it turns out, in nearly every developed nation.

Nor is that all; Hill’s personal story is nothing short of inspirational, beginning with a childhood straight out of Dickens, featuring clothes that visibly resembled the curtain scraps they were made from and ending up in the Oval Office. Readers will find themselves rooting for Hill on nearly every page of the book’s first half, propelled along by her silken prose.