Advisor Perspectives Launches Subscription-Based Communication Solution for Financial Professionals

LEXINGTON, MA, December 1, 2021 -- Advisor Perspectives, a premier digital publisher for the financial advisory profession, today announced the launch of its subscription-based premium membership service.

Designed for financial professionals, Advisor Perspectives’ new premium membership service lets subscribers browse, white-label and share content from a robust library of articles, commentaries, market summaries and more created by leading industry experts. Members also have the ability to hand-pick their favorite articles from Advisor Perspectives and curate their own personal libraries.

Advisor Perspectives has invested in its premium offering by adding more talent to its lineup of journalists, including industry thought leaders like Bob Veres, Wade Pfau, Larry Swedroe, Joe Tomlinson, Allan Roth, Larry Siegel, Michael Edesess, Dan Solin, Beverly Flaxington, Carolyn McClanahan and Sara Grillo.

The subscription service provides several benefits to advisors. It offers a better solution to communicate effectively with clients, prospects and colleagues. Additionally, it supports financial journalism that allows Advisor Perspectives to provide industry-leading content free of charge without paywalls.

“The volatility of the last year has taught us that quality information, in-depth insights and market analysis is more important than ever to our readers,” said Robert Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives. “We asked our subscribers and other industry professionals what else they wanted to see from Advisor Perspectives, and we kept hearing the same answers over and over. With all this incredible content, it’s crazy there’s no simple way to customize and share it with clients, prospects and colleagues - so that’s what we’ve done.”

With the $350 annual membership, or $34.95 monthly option, members enjoy benefits like:

  • Unlimited white-labeling of all content including articles, commentaries and market summaries.
  • Tailored article notes to create engaging conversations with prospects, clients and peers.
  • Personalized curated content library.
  • Support for Advisor Perspectives to provide the best analysis and insights for the advisory profession.

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Advisor Perspectives is the premier digital publisher for the advisory profession, including RIAs, financial planners, wirehouse and independent broker-dealer representatives, family offices, insurance brokers, institutional investors, bank professionals and more. Rated #1 most-read electronic newsletter by financial advisors three years in a row by Erdos & Morgan, Advisor Perspectives helps advisors enable clients to achieve their financial goals. The publishing company is headquartered in Lexington, MA and was founded in 2007.

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