How to Use an Anti-Financial Plan for Early Retirement

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With the financial independence, retire early (FIRE) movement on the rise, Americans are targeting early retirement. I will explain the FIRE movement, the steps you can take for early retirement, and how an anti-financial plan helps you achieve your goals.

Many of us want to join the FIRE movement with a dream of retiring in our early 40s or 50s. While the idea of early retirement sounds fantastic, it comes with a lot of planning and proper execution. Can you retire before 60? Let's find out.

What Is an anti-financial plan?

What is an anti-financial plan? The main idea is to have an investment plan that is different from conventional retirement plans.

In a 401(k), you can withdraw a limited amount of funds. People find it difficult to access them. Therefore, the other option is to invest in assets that yield higher returns and provide easy accessibility to your money.

This is why it is called the anti-financial plan; it helps people retire early. With the rise of the FIRE movement, many people are swaying towards the movement to achieve their goals.