Three Financial Advisor Marketing Trends to Watch In 2022

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With 2022 rapidly approaching, it's never been more important for financial advisors to evaluate their marketing tactics. With the increasing importance of a digital presence, advisors must consider what will be the most effective marketing strategies to strengthen their businesses.

Three strategies stand out: those based on credibility, recruitment and Google.

While these strategies are not new to the financial services industry, their use will grow in the coming year. Take note of them and the associated tactics to embrace them in your business.

Here are the trends we can expect to see for these different marketing strategies in 2022, and how you can meaningfully apply them for your own success.

Credibility marketing

Leading experts expect to see an increasing alignment in PR, thought leadership and SEO, meaning that content will have to reflect overlapping visibility, credibility and authority. Financial advisors need to focus their energy on projecting a holistic presence that markets their expertise and credibility. This strategy is what I call “credibility marketing.”

It means finding ways to build a credible reputation, harnessing that reputation and integrating it into a marketing strategy. What does this look like?