What to Know Before a Hospital Visit: 15 Insights from Hospital Insiders

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Financial advisors understand the importance of having a plan for unexpected expenses. A hospital stay, whether planned or unplanned, can be very expensive – but the bills aren’t the only concern.

Just as with financial planning, a hospital visit is easier to manage if you prepare in advance and understand the process. These tips from hospital insiders will help you, your clients and their loved ones get better care:

1. If you expect to be hospitalized, have your personal items ready. If you have a hospital stay scheduled, pack a bag to bring with you. In addition to a change of clothes, bring a phone charger, toiletries, earplugs, and an updated list of your medications, including the dosage. For young patients, bringing their own blankets or pillows may help them feel more at home.

2. Take advantage of additional services available to you during your hospital stay. While you are in the hospital, ask what services are available to patients. Most hospitals have nutritionists, spiritual guides, and a variety of highly trained specialists (including respiratory, occupational, and physical therapists) on site who can visit your room upon request.

3. Take note of the visitor policies before inviting loved ones to visit. Every hospital has different visitor policies, and the policies often differ by department or unit. Visitors are typically only allowed during certain time periods. During the pandemic, visitation policies at many hospitals have become more restrictive.