Why My Firm Unfriended Facebook

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A little over a year ago, I made the difficult decision to remove myself from Facebook.

I had long loathed the platform, but it was the one place I could keep up with some of my extended family. Every stereotype about the platform was true. My Facebook feed was nothing more than misleading information, alternative facts, and falsehoods.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Despite my decision, I struggled with what to do with our corporate Facebook account. At the time, I was running it by myself, and my decision to disengage personally was a reason to leave, but not a reason to leave.

Then there was the seemingly never-ending stream of news about Facebook’s dubious business practices, testimonies in front of Congress, and Time magazine covers. While those things further eroded my faith in the platform, my job isn’t to crusade against Facebook – but to engage advisors. This was a reason to leave, but not the reason to leave.

I had become concerned that making the right decision for Potomac was based on my personal experiences and not that of an informed CMO.

What I needed was a nudge to step back and properly evaluate the situation. (In the end, the CEO of Potomac made clear it was ultimately my decision.)