The Two Most Important Words in Wealth Management Marketing

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Marketing revolves around words. What words do we use to describe ourselves? What words will resonate and connect with our audience? What words will drive more digital engagement?

As a financial professional, choosing words for your business starts with understanding that you operate in a unique category under unique circumstances. Namely:

  • You operate in a highly commoditized category.
  • The category is complicated to understand and assess from a client’s perspective.
  • Client acquisition is brutally hard, with referrals acting as a top source for finding clients.

These unique circumstances drive unique needs. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself in a cluttered, confusing category while building deep affinity with your existing client base to drive word of mouth.

And that brings us to the two most important words in wealth management marketing. They are:

“We believe”

Two simple words. But why do they matter so much? If you define what follows them, you differentiate your practice and build a “cult-like” set of followers who you won’t even need to ask for referrals they’ll just do it because they believe in you so much.