Nothing Says It Like “X”

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If you’re going to write boring things, at least use more exciting letters. Here are some tips for using the letter “X” if you are xenacious enough to relax and give your marketing some flex.


Heh heh heh.

X is highly, wrongfully underutilized

There are fascinating debates about the origins of the English alphabet, with some even hypothesizing that the alphabet was created, ironically, by people who were illiterate (according to a Smithsonian article). The letters at the end (x, y, and z) are the Plutos of the alphabet, pushed out to the edge and ignored. I won’t advocate for all the neglected letters, but I will stand for X.

Here’s why X is the most exquisite out of the whole 26:

  • X is the hippest, most modern letter, as it connotes the future no matter when you’re using it. Just ask the tech industry – they overuse X for that very reason.
  • It requires more effort for the person to say it. Go say the X sound. There are two separate sounds so your face moves a lot. That makes it disruptive and highly attention-getting.
  • It has symbolic as well as phonetic value.
  • It’s mysterious (X-files).
  • It’s sharp-edged. Would you rather be the X or the O in Tic-Tac-Toe?
  • It conveys ambiguity (Mr. or Mrs. X) and precision (X marks the spot).
  • It can mean both love (xxoo) and hate (I exed you out of my will).

The only thing disappointing about X is when it overlaps with Z. Yet another slight.