The Role of Education in Financial Technology Adoption

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Hug a teacher today (even if only virtually)! Whether you are interested in changing the world, learning a new skill, or mastering a piece of software, those who provide instruction are opening doors to you that might otherwise remain closed.

Education and training, regardless of your career path, are important. They stand as core pillars of my approach to helping advisors create successes in their business. Creating a common, foundational understanding of how to use a service is a huge part of what a team must work on each and every day. Your efforts will alleviate some commonly recognized industry problems under the umbrella of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The wealth management and financial advice profession is a difficult one to enter. Advisor trainee failure rates are high, regardless of an advisor’s race or gender. But a 2020 Cerulli survey found that there are more barriers to entry for women and BIPOC advisors. Those stumbling blocks at this stage in an advisor’s career can feel insurmountable for the individual while at the same time contributing to the perpetuation (and possible widening) of the existing diversity problem throughout our profession. Education and training can play a huge role in breaching those barriers to achieve diversity among financial advisors that matches the clients they serve.