Why Advisors Should Communicate Like First Graders

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You will get more results with messy communications. Here’s is how to communicate like a first grader while gathering assets as a consummate professional.

I ran a survey on LinkedIn, asking my followers if they would hold it against someone who sent them a LinkedIn message misspelling their name.


Most people said they would not hold it against the sender. Somebody said that at least it showed they are a real person and not a robot. All of this prompted me to ponder, are these perfectly constructed messages making us sound fake?

Moreover, by communicating with proper grammar, spelling, and syntax all the time, are we making ourselves sound the same as the next person?

Of course!

Nobody wants to be regarded as improper, especially in a sales situation. That’s precisely why you have to be different from these goody-two-shoes.

Slightly imperfect communications signal authenticity. When a prospect meets an advisor they don’t know, (and especially when they meet an advisor they don’t know over the internet), their biggest concern is if you are who you say you are. Language that seems too perfect comes off as inauthentic, as if you are hiding behind the guise of professionalism instead of being a real person.

Famous historical figures such as Jane Austen, Andrew Jackson, and Former Vice President Dan Quayle were notably bad spellers. Should you throw spell and grammar check out the door?


Just be a leeeeetle bit messy through acts of omission, not through flawed spelling or grammar.