Digital Communication to Bridge the Generational Gap

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Did you know that the average time spent on digital media is expected to be 482 minutes per day by 2022? That’s nearly eight hours a day!

Promoting services using digital marketing is an absolute must. However, who you choose to target and where to find them should be a critical part of your strategy.

Why? Different generations and age ranges respond to different kinds of marketing and use different social media platforms. What works for a Baby Boomer may not resonate with a Millennial. You can’t assume that the same message through the same media will be effective for all market segments.

To understand how these generation gaps impact your marketing strategy, we’re diving into an overview of the generations and the different types of media that can be incorporated into your digital marketing for each one.

Understanding the generations

Each generation has unique characteristics that shape the way they make decisions and how they spend their time and money. To create effective marketing campaigns, understand the differences (and similarities) in how each generation prefers to receive digital content.

Let’s look at a breakdown of the generations in America and some information that will help shape messages you use to reach them: