Ask Brad: What Advisors Can Learn from Job Seekers

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Go on a job interview at least once per year.

No matter how happy you are at your job. No matter how happy you are with your compensation. Without fail, go on at least one interview a year.

I recall reading that advice once in an article. I do not recall the author, so, unfortunately, I cannot give proper attribution. But the advice is brilliant.

Let me explain.

While this writer was espousing at least one interview a year at a minimum, the message behind it was impactful.

He argued that how can you know if what you have now as a job is as good as you think it is? How can you know that what you’re being paid is as good as you think it is?

How do you recognize if you’ve become inadvertently complacent and are no longer realizing that better paths are perhaps available to you?

Maybe after only one year into a new job, the world has yet to shift in a tectonic way. But what about after two years? Five? Ten?