What I Wish I Understood When Starting Out In My Career: Barry Ritholtz

The best part of my job as host of the Masters in Business podcast is that I get to sit down with an incredibly talented and accomplished person each week to discuss their life and career. I save my favorite question for last: “What do you know today about your chosen field that you wish you knew when you were first starting out years ago?” Answers like “I wish I bought Apple shares when they were at $2” are not what I’m seeking.

I am aiming for something along the lines of what hard-won insight they gained over the course of their careers that would have been useful had they learned it earlier. It is not a “time machine” question, but rather one of process. This is probably why it is also a hit among listeners. I previously addressed why I ask the questions I do, but this one deserves a deeper look. So, I spent some time thinking about it and the result is 10 things I wish I understood when I first started out: