Four Tips Every Great Zoom Presenter Knows

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Each of us has a laundry list of challenges that have been brought on by the pandemic. Add another one to your list: engaging clients virtually. Since virtual meetings and presentations have become the norm, financial advisors have been expected to adapt accordingly, but doing so is frustratingly difficult. According to a recent survey, 45% of presenters said they have had trouble creating a unique layout for their presentations, while 41% haven’t been able to use or find solid visual aids. Roughly 47% of presenters reported that it requires over eight hours to put together a finished presentation.

With so many new challenges to take on and the same number of hours in the workday, how can financial advisors efficiently and effectively master the art of presenting virtually? Here are my four top tips.

  1. Think through your aesthetics

Your aesthetic matters. Pre-pandemic, you welcomed many of your clients into an office, offered them water or coffee, and then met face-to-face. In the virtual age, however, the visual aspect of your meeting or presentation has taken center stage.

While we are still able to have that human-to-human conversations thanks to websites like Zoom, engaging through a screen requires more visual stimulation to hold interest. Many financial advisors have found themselves turning to PowerPoint presentations or slide decks to convey information and hold interest.

Based on 2021 data, audiences are not keen on presentations that are too short or long. It’s about finding the sweet spot that is both long enough to provide the desired information, but also short enough to maintain attention and engagement.