What to Say When Your Elevator Pitch Bombs

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What do you say after you drop an elevator pitch and you don’t get the response that you want? Let’s talk about it.

To enchant and charm is not the objective!

Elevator pitches are seen as a glorious, performative action that is supposed to conjure up leads like you’re casting a magic spell.

You are not there to hypnotize the King or Queen Cobra into meeting with you. Nobody is playing the punji; an elevator pitch is not a snake-charming song.

A small percentage of time, the person will say that they have an interest in being your client. It’s the exception rather than the norm. Most of the time, the person is either going to be uninterested or ambivalent.

Wait a minute, Grillo! That’s not what my marketing trainer told me!

You don’t have to, and most of the time you cannot, get it all done in one fell swoop. Let’s talk about what the objective of an elevator pitch should be.