“Crossover” Communication Skills that Make Every Meeting Better

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Quick, think of somebody who has achieved “crossover” success – they turned their skills into success in more than one domain.

You can probably name someone who has achieved success in both music and acting, science and politics, or performing arts and business. These are modern crossover stars, and they share at least one thing in common: a set of skills that translated across domains. In other words, crossover skills.

(My favorite crossover artist? Leonardo DaVinci. He painted the Mona Lisa and invented the automated bobbin winder!)

Crossover opportunity: In-person and online

In 2020, a lot of advisors resembled musicians in their first movie. Like music and acting, they are adjacent domains, but distinctly different in communication and engagement. Does your talent transfer from one domain to the other? Does your live meeting translate to the small screen? Are you Will Smith (successfully crossed over) or Vanilla Ice (who did not)?

Fortunately, there is a smart set of crossover skills that make every meeting more engaging, more effective, and ultimately more productive. I’ve been teaching – and using – these skills to deliver advice for years now, and they work.

Crossover skill 1: Visual listening

Great listening is the foundation of great advising relationships, and premature, or unsolicited, advice is a relationship killer.