The Role of Confidence in Growing Your Practice

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The pursuit of growth requires the belief that it’s possible, which is another way of saying you need confidence.

Confidence is the belief that one can rely on someone or something. Often, when working with financial advisors, it’s the ability to trust in themselves.

Do you have trust in yourself and in your abilities to accomplish your goals?

The answer is usually somewhere between “yes” and “no.” A strong “no” signals underconfidence. An unwavering “yes” hints at overconfidence.

Underconfidence causes you to avoid taking action, necessary risk and new opportunities. On the other end of the spectrum, overconfidence causes you to take unwarranted risks and irresponsible decisions and actions. When you’re managing others’ money, overconfidence can have significant negative affects on not just you and your business but your clients’ lives.

I work with a variety of advisors. But there is a common topic that continually comes up – confidence.

Most advisors want more confidence, especially when it comes to their ability to grow. If they don’t want more for themselves, then they want more for their staff.

When it comes to growth and influence, confidence matters – why?