The Hidden Benefit of Commenting on Strangers' Posts

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If you’ve never commented on a stranger’s post, then it’s time to start!

Many users are on social media to share their own content. That’s okay, but it won’t get them the results they want.

To see success on social media you need to be social.

Interact with other users daily. Comment on posts. Share your opinions. Social media algorithms prioritize this sort of engagement. Users know this. A comment on a stranger's post will improve the stranger’s social media performance and increases the chances they return the favor.

But the benefits of commenting go beyond the algorithm. Comments give you the chance to tap into one of the best ways to grow on social media – showcasing what makes you and your firm unique.

There are many ways to do this. I’m covering the five benefits of commenting on a stranger’s post, with examples to show you just how you can do this yourself.

Let’s jump in.

  1. Build reciprocity

As mentioned above, most users know that engagement is a key factor in their social media performance. Comments, likes and reshares are all common forms of engagement, but comments come with the extra benefit of sharing your voice.