Six Ways to Improve Client Engagement

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In my last article about client services, I discussed how financial advisors can create a successful onboarding process. The next part of this series covers the “engage” portion of the marketing funnel. Focusing on your client engagement is an incredible opportunity for developing revenue with long-term clients, and that includes creating ongoing value, building goodwill with your clients’ families, and generating referrals.

As an advisor, you may already have some client engagement processes in place. But it’s important to periodically step back and give some thought to what you can do to make the client experience better. Every touch point is a chance to increase client engagement, and by taking a thoughtful approach you’ll leave a positive impression, not only with your clients, but with the next generation.

Let’s look at six ways wealth management firms can improve their client engagement.

  1. Build a client journey map

Having a client journey map saves time. A client journey map is a graphical representation of the step-by-step process followed when a new client is onboarded.

The exercise of building a client journey map offers multiple benefits. Above all else, the goal is to ensure that your client’s experience is efficient. By planning how many steps it takes to get from end to end, you find easy ways to make the onboarding process more efficient for your client.