How to Respond to Annoying Emails

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Given I have four kids under seven years old, a business, and now a formerly stray Turkish Angora cat who ambushed me on the way to the grocery store, I am under siege 100% of the time. Somewhere along the line, I learned to command the army just like Joan of Arc.

To win more respect with prospects and clients, learn how to handle their annoying emails better using my three-question email test.

One idea at a time

To get prospects to fall in love with you, you have to fall out of love with your own voice first. This is going to be hard, because your dream conversation is you droning on and on like a bullhorn without bothering to notice if anyone cares what you’re saying.

Get out of that habit!

To simplify your communications, don’t just cut down the words. It’s about conveying fewer ideas in smaller bites. You can only convey only one idea at a time if you want people to get it.

Stop trying to sound intelligent