Become a Rock Star in Your Community

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Like many of you, I came up through the trenches at a major wirehouse. Remember the days of “smile and dial,” as you pushed through a fog of rejections and hang ups and a dose or two of self-doubt while trying to “build your book” and keep your seat in the bullpen?

What would you have given back then to have potential clients calling you for a change?

One way I have found to keep my firm top-of-mind for clients and potential clients is by harnessing the power of local recognition. I can’t tell you (and I probably don’t have to) how nice it is to have the voice on the other end of the phone say, “I saw you on [name of local news channel]” or “I noticed that you sponsored the Fun Run for [a favorite local charity], and I’ve been wanting to talk to somebody about [their current top estate planning, investment, or other financial concern].” There is nothing like being granted instant credibility for your services because you are familiar to your local community.

For decades, studies have shown that brand awareness is the key to consumer acceptance. As international consultant Inkwell Global Marketing relates, “Multiple studies have looked at the relationship between brand awareness and customer decision making, and they consistently demonstrate that brand awareness is an important factor when making a decision.” In other words, to get more people coming to your door (physical or virtual), ensure that they see your firm’s name associated with topics they are interested in, community efforts they support, and activities important to them.

Here are several ways you can make yourself a household name in your area, and they don’t involve throwing thousands of dollars at an advertising budget (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing):