Ask Brad: Money is Irrelevant When It Comes to Your Career

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Soccer, or "football" as it is known outside of the U.S., is wildly popular worldwide.

The most recent World Cup final match between France and Croatia in 2018 attracted a global audience of over 1 billion. That is roughly 10 times as many people who tuned in to the last Super Bowl, the granddaddy of all sporting events here in the United States.

When not playing for their country, soccer players play for various “club” teams throughout the world. While a topic of passionate debate, the best players in the world play in the domestic European leagues (England, Spain, Italy, etc.).

One might assume then that the highest player salaries are for players in those European leagues. In one extreme example, contract terms were recently leaked for Barcelona star, Lionel Messi. He is rumored to be playing under a four-year deal that could net him nearly $670 million!

Do the math on that one.

Extreme examples aside, plenty of player salary money is being tossed around in the European leagues. However, it is not the only place offering top dollar.