The Six Trends Transforming Email Marketing

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When it comes to marketing, financial advisors fall into one of two categories: they believe that their services don’t need marketing – after all, everyone needs help with their finances – or they are stuck in a rut of tried-and-true methods, relying primarily on COI and client referrals.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that those tactics aren’t enough, this is it.

Luckily, there is an extremely effective and cost-saving marketing strategy to give your advisory business the boost it needs: email marketing.

When implemented correctly, email marketing will generate new leads. But while it may seem simple enough, there are considerations to follow to ensure its success. To see growth in your clientele as an advisor, here is my list of email marketing trends.

Six email marketing trends advisors need to follow

1. Email marketing automation

Email marketing used to function with a marketing team curating multiple emails and sending them out individually or in batches. However, as a financial advisor, do you have the time to do that? Does anyone?

One of the biggest trends that I recommend hopping on is email marketing automation. This is a strategy that sends out sequences of emails based on certain “triggers,” also known as a “drip campaign.”

A major benefit of automation is consistent communication with your clients. It also avoids the problem of content overload – you won’t be spamming your clients with emails. Instead, your clients will only get an email when they perform a specific action, such as downloading a file from your site.

If you don’t have a great team of technicians to build an automated email marketing system, don’t worry. There is plenty of automation software that can help you employ this strategy.