What the Research Proves About High-Converting Content

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Has an article or social media post led you to make a purchase?

If so, then you’ve experienced the effects of high-converting content first-hand. But converting a lead to a client is not as simple as going from point a to point b. There are many steps in the process or funnel:

High-converting content fulfills the objectives of each step and leverages audience information to provide a refined, personalized experience.

In our research we’ve determined several factors that influence how often content converts. Here’s how advisors can create content your clients will fall in love with at every step of their journey.

Attract traffic

At the top of the funnel, the objective is to draw attention to your firm and attract traffic to your website.

Every item that’s listed under traffic attraction supports one another, so the content you create for this portion of the funnel should do the same. Your content should be:

1. Linked to your website: Your content should attract visitors to your website. Even if content is hosted elsewhere, like videos on YouTube, the content should contain links back to your site.

2. Optimized for search: About 53% of website traffic is the result of an organic search and SEO is the key to improving your organic search. Your content needs to include targeted keywords and follow SEO guidelines.

3. Adaptable to mobile devices: According to The Search Review, roughly 60% of all searches are performed on a mobile device. By not optimizing your content for mobile you’re cutting your ability to attract traffic by more than half. Mobile optimization includes your entire online presence, from content to website.

4. In a blog format: Blogging is the foundation of your content strategy. It provides SEO advantages to your website and a location to collect other forms of content. Videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. can and should be used in your blog post.

5. Shareable on social: With over 3.7 billion users, social media is the perfect location to share your content. Following social media best practices for your chosen channels will help improve your conversion rate.

As an example of the above tips in action, my client, Dream Financial Planning, was able to increase organic traffic by 200% in one year:

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