Why Women Thrive in the Advisory Profession

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Successful advisors have certain traits: experienced, strategic, analytical, proactive and resourceful.

But what makes a great advisor?

A great advisor has natural comprehension, intuition, empathy, and compassion.

That is why women make exceptional financial advisors.


Merriam-Webster defines comprehension as "the act or action of grasping with the intellect" and "the capacity for understanding fully." As advisors, it's important to stay informed about an entire world of knowledge: ever-changing tax laws, stock market trends and everything in between. Advisors must effectively comprehend their clients' situations to make informed recommendations and decisions.


Did you know science backs up the phrase "a woman's intuition?" According to this study, MRI scans showed that female brains have more neural connections and are more efficient. This data supports the idea that women are good at interpreting social phenomena and cues.

In his book, The Intuitive Investor, Jason Voss, CFA, discussed how intuition is the key that, "allows investors to identify what unique data are relevant from a nearly infinite sea of information." Being able to intuitively navigate the often-confusing world of finance is crucial for any successful financial advisor.