The Worst Mistakes Advisors Make on LinkedIn

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You spend time creating content to drive new business for your firm, but then your social posts receive no traction. It feels like a waste. The content is similar to what others are doing, the posting time is right, so what gives?

Poor performance on social media is usually a result of one of the worst mistakes advisors make – focusing on themselves.

Think about the posts you’ve clicked on. They caught your attention because they had to do with something you were experiencing. Successful posts position themselves as a solution to their audience’s problems.

Using the following tips, you can adjust your social media content to gain more traction on LinkedIn. But first let’s talk about why I’m focusing on LinkedIn and not other social platforms.

These strategies will work well for any social channel, but LinkedIn holds one advantage. According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is the best network for lead generation by a longshot:

If you’re going to make changes to your social media strategy, LinkedIn is the best place to start generating more leads. Let’s talk through how you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to attract more qualified leads by focusing on the six most common mistakes I see advisors making.