The Fiduciary Advantage of Zoom Meetings

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This past week, I spoke with a financial advisor who told me that of the 100-plus invitations he extended to clients, only four elected to meet on Zoom. The rest chose to meet by phone.

That’s a huge mistake for everyone involved, both advisors and clients!

I get it – people may be “Zoomed out.” Others may still be hesitant to go there – they think they lack the tech savvy to get online.

Don’t let that stop you!

Getting clients online is completely worth it, for several reasons:

Most of us learn best by seeing! It’s a mistake to say “I am a visual learner” – we all learn in at least three ways: Seeing, hearing, and doing. However, studies estimate between two thirds and three quarters of us learn best by seeing. By conducting your meetings online instead of on the phone, you’re making yourself more accessible for clients.

That’s in their best interest.