When to Tell Prospects They Have to Wait

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It wasn’t something I imagined doing. But when my membership surged, I felt like I owed it to my subscribers. I found that starting a waitlist had unintended positive effects on my business. Here’s why you should do it too.

Waitlist pros and cons

You may not have the volume of incoming prospects to necessitate a waitlist but do it anyways.

  • A waitlist demonstrates to the prospect that you follow a strategic plan for how you run your business.
  • It makes your services seem more exclusive and scarcity is highly attractive.
  • It creates suspense, building up anticipation of working together.
  • It balances control between you and the prospect.
  • It allows you to grow sensibly.

Before I found myself being forced to start one, I used to frown upon waitlists. It seemed like an obvious marketing ploy. But upon further reflection I have come to realize that was because those instituting the waitlists were stuck-up snobs who presented it in a pretentious, haughty way. It’s easy to sound arrogant, so choose your words carefully.

I feared that if I waitlisted people, they may seek other options.