Ask Brad: The Math Problem Brokers Can't Solve

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One of the oft-spoken traditions in financial planning circles is to tout the financial benefits of skipping the daily Starbucks and investing the difference instead.

Skip the daily $7 double-chocolate, nutty caramel, easy on the whip, extra tall latte, and you too can retire rich!

Perhaps entirely overplayed, there is some rationale to this advice. The $7 per day, for 20+ years, earning a reasonable rate of return, will add up to a significant part of an investor’s nest egg.

Remember that $7 a day is touted as a meaningful enough dollar amount that it should cause an investor to adjust their behavior.

Even though the 20+ year math will add up to a meaningful return for the investor, some folks will still scoff at the idea that a “mere” $7 a day is enough to cause them to change course in life.

What if instead, though, that fancy latte cost $986?