So You Say You Market to Business Owners…

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I’m sick of the impoverished language that advisors use when trying to market themselves to business owners. Try these one-liners instead.

Let’s start with the three common mistakes that advisors make when trying to market themselves to business owners:

  1. They lack any real meaning

It is meaningless to say, “I work with business owners.” It’s like saying, “I work with people who wear shoes.”

Why don’t you say this instead:

“I work with everyone whose money I can get my hands on who doesn’t have a job or didn’t inherit a fortune. I have no specific expertise, so I run around all day trying to be all things to all people.”

  1. Nobody refers to themselves this way

Business owner!

Whose words are these, anyways?

Do these people actually call themselves “business owners” in casual conversation?


You are talking over them.

How would you feel if your realtor said to you, “You know, Maria, there are three other financial analysts who live within two blocks of this summer home you’re considering.”

Or if you’re a fee-based advisor and the person who runs the Lexus dealership said to you, “Geez, Benjamin, I saw the market took a dive. I wonder how stock brokers like you avoid losing your minds!”