A Powerful Tool to Organize Client Relationships and Finances

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On March 3, 2021, this article was corrected. In the third paragraph below, the author of the article cited was changed from Michael Kitces to Roger Whitney.

I was recently introduced to an impressive tool that organizes and simplifies the planning process, and shows clients how to meet their financial goals.

This tool fills a need that was identified in an Investment News article by Joe Duran, who wrote, “We have to simplify,” and, “People might nod knowingly, but so many don’t really understand what they own, how it works or what they pay.”

Roger Whitney on Kitces.com1 has spoken disparagingly about traditional financial planning when he wrote, “they’d take the leather-bound tome (eh, I mean ‘plan’), put it on the shelf, check the mental box that they had it, and go back to their lives as usual. It ended up being a dead process, not a living one.”

H. Adam Holt, CEO is the founder of Asset-Map, the developer of this tool. He has said, "People are overwhelmed with complexities of life," and "we need to communicate better with you (investor clients) to remain relevant." He did something about it with his process and software. I recently spent several days beginning to understand Asset-Map in its boot camp.

Asset-Map can be one of those approaches that delivers the clarity, understandability, and effectiveness that many clients and financial advisors want. The literal beauty of Asset-Map is that it presents a single page, visualization of a client’s financial life. It may not address the complexities of an ultra-high-net worth client, but for the vast majority of investors at almost any level of wealth, modest to high-net worth, this is a beautiful tool for its accuracy, efficiency, completeness, simplicity, flexibility, ease of preparation, as well as its depth and breadth.