College Success by Cutting Costs

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The following is excerpted with permission from Charles Chadwick’s new book, Chadwick's College Checklist 2 Steps w/Tips on How To Cut College Cost, available from Amazon using the link on this page.

You have now completed Chadwick's College Checklist. Let us review the two steps with sub-pointers that may help someone minimize their college cost.

Step 1: Compare community college versus university cost.

Step 2: Student sacrifice time.

In some cases, people may have planned how to defray the cost or expense of a college education. Parents, especially, sometimes pay by setting up a 529 educational savings plan or a personal savings account, custodial account, home equity loan (putting their home up as collateral), or they tap into retirement plans by borrowing money from their 401-K. These are all ways to pay for a college education, but the information I have shared is based upon a student just making some personal choices that could cut costs.