One-Sentence Emails That Will Close a Prospect

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If you could send a one-line email and get a prospect’s attention, how would you do it?

You loved my two-sentence rule for its brevity and effectiveness. Now I have something even better – check out these one-sentence emails.

Why should you send one-sentence emails? I get such a good response rate when I send one-sentence emails. I wish I could do it 100% of the time.

Why do they work so well?

  • If you say less than you need to, people will think you’re smarter. That is because you appear to be in control of your words. By talking too much, you will make yourself look less intelligent.
  • Anything you can do to make the prospect’s life easier will be rewarded. Do you know how much people have on their minds? I mean, don’t you have a ton of nonsense flying at you like a field of bullets daily?
  • The point of an email is not to give someone information. It is to give someone the minimum amount of information required to get them to take an action.
  • You avoid using irritating follow-up cliches such as touching base, checking in, saying hello, taking your temperature on doing that Roth conversion. I’ll stop there because I’m annoying myself just by writing them.