Understanding the Political Divide

This video discussion was recorded on November 24, 2020, six weeks before the Capitol building was stormed by violent protestors, an act which all the participants in this video deplore.

This discussion is about politics, which is a topic we rarely cover within Advisor Perspectives. But I was approached by two members of the APViewpoint community about hosting this discussion, and the three of us hope it will help viewers understand the mindsets of those who support President Trump and those who don’t.

My guests today are Michael Edesess, who is a long-standing and widely read author for Advisor Perspectives and an active participant in APViewpoint. Michael is based in Hong Kong where he holds an academic position. I am also joined by another APViewpoint member, Josh Scandlen, who is the founder and principal of Heritage Wealth Planning, a registered investment advisor based in Georgia. Josh is also a military veteran.

Michael and Josh began this discussion on-line, via email and have agreed to continue it here.

Be forewarned: You will disagree, perhaps passionately, with some of what you will hear in this discussion. But I encourage you to approach this with an open mind and with the spirit of understanding.

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