Why Too Many Advisors Fail at Sales

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Your energy matters in sales.

Successful selling is a multidisciplinary skill. In developing sales skills, we focus attention on what we say and do, but rarely do we discuss the impact of our energy.

Traditionally, the qualitative aspects of sales include physically showing up in the right ways (confidence, professional attire, articulate), saying the right things (messaging that’s on brand and consistent, good questions), listening and our presentation skills.

The quantitative aspects include doing the right things consistently, which requires systems and organization (follow-up process, pipeline, research and use of data, etc.).

One qualitative aspect of selling that I rarely see but is incredibly impactful to your success is the energy you bring to the conversation.

Because energy is not easily seen or measured it’s not often discussed. But it is a mistake to ignore this aspect of sales.

Good things happen where you and your intentions are fully present and aligned and you believe completely in your value and are genuinely excited about the impact you can make.

In his book, The Power of Intuition, Gary Klein says that 90% of critical decisions are made using our intuition.