How Online Meetings Will Evolve in 2021

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Although 2020 reminded us that it’s hard to predict things, you can be sure that online meetings will evolve in 2021. These changes will affect how you conduct business if you want to continue to create maximum client value next year.

Factors driving change

There are many reasons online meetings will evolve in 2021. However, you can put them into three buckets, based on client need: The need for information, for security, and for connection. Clients continuously want more and better information, handled more securely, by people they trust.

These have always been dominant client needs. Now clients expect these needs to be met in an online meeting. Online meetings aren’t there yet. They will need to evolve in 2021 to keep pace with client expectation.

How will online meetings evolve in 2021?

Security will improve

The massive jump in online meeting prominence put security in the spotlight, and for the most part, the platforms responded. We went from “Zoom bombing” in March to negotiating multiple layers of security just to start our own meeting! And as clients do more business online, meeting platforms fight the hackers to keep meetings secure.

Online meeting platform security will get better. Platforms will add capabilities that satisfy regulatory requirements around saving and sharing information. You can reassure your clients that it’s okay to share screens and information in this environment.