Quit Sputtering Around with Your Marketing Plan for 2021

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If you feel like you sputtered around and never got what you wanted out of your marketing plan this year, here are three tips so you can rock 2021 like Eddie Van Halen.

Why advisors hate marketing

There’s no worse position than when you are half in and half out of something. Not only do you get nowhere, there is no limit to the time you can waste in this limbo. Most advisors take a wishy washy stance on marketing, sputtering around the lake with no rudder and hoping something will work.

That’s totally understandable.

You built your business through referrals; you cold-called and knocked on doors before there was email. Now you have to Tweet with the millennials? Plus, to have to go out and market is overwhelming for people in this profession. Look what advisors have to deal with:

  • Pain-in-the-neck clients who compare every trade against Cramer;
  • Whining staff;
  • COVID;
  • Compliance; and
  • The IRS.

You somehow muster up the strength to post a selfie on social media every two weeks – but you hate your marketing consultant for making you do it. And then you get an email from your IT person at 7 PM about updating your blog plug-in. Plugged in? Leaking, you mean, because that’s a quick $200 down the drain!