Social Media for Advisors without Followers

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Building your brand, positioning yourself as a thought-leader and cultivating an engaged audience is crucial to growing your advisory business in 2021 and beyond.

Get real about your social media presence.

I want to set the record straight – the amount of followers you have on social media has nothing to do with your reach.

Repeat after me:

The number of followers I have is not a reflection of how likely I am to attract prospects from social media marketing.

The number one thing stopping advisors from growing their businesses on social media is the lack of a strategy, not a lack of followers. Social media performance is not the same as website conversions. It's how advisors post to social media that makes the difference. This is why simply posting on social media isn’t enough.

A successful social media presence shares several distinct features, allowing any advisor to enhance their social media footprint, even if they don’t have many followers. Let’s run through how to use social media to grow your advisory business: