How to Gather Client Feedback

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Your clients are the cornerstone of your success. How they feel about your business and the services you provide matters to your bottom line and personal sense of fulfillment. Happy clients are good for business all around, so it’s important to understand your clients’ needs, expectations, desires, and sense of satisfaction with your financial services firm.

This is why making an effort to elicit client feedback consistently is so important.

Never let too much time pass before checking in with your clients to learn how they are doing, feeling and what they want from you.

Benefits of client feedback

Getting regular feedback from clients comes with many benefits. While you might not always be happy about what you learn, it’s critical to gather this information to ensure your business is on the right track so you can progress in a positive direction.

Identify problems early

If your clients are not satisfied, they won’t stick around. There are plenty of other financial professionals they can choose to work with instead.

All too often, advisors are blindsided to discover that a client wants to part ways. In some cases, they may assume no news is good news. Other times, they may mistake politeness or congenial interactions for client satisfaction. You need to ask and find out how the client really feels about you and your services. You may be surprised – hopefully, pleasantly so – by what you discover.