Communicating at Scale

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The pandemic is financially stressful, but it also demonstrates the value of technology that lets me communicate quickly to my client base.

To understand why, consider the range of questions advisors must be able to answer for our clients.

If you think that political disagreements are the most awkward thing that can happen at a family dinner, think again.

I was recently enjoying a lovely meal with all the people I love when my aunt leaned forward and asked my opinion of a particular special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC). What did I think of this SPAC? How does it compare with that SPAC? Should she jump into one? Both? I love my aunt, and she’s a smart woman. But listening to her riff on SPACs was as unexpected as hearing her discuss quantum physics or dissect University of Georgia’s football recruits down to their bench press numbers and 40-yard times.

I found this situation surreal.

Then I realized it’s the new real.

Our job as financial advisors has always been to help clients realize their dreams by creating and tending a long-term financial plan. Until recently, we were the keepers of the money knowledge. We had somewhat exclusive access to in-depth financial information, which we used to make data-based decisions for our clients.