Don't be an Encyclopedia Salesperson on LinkedIn

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I wish I could light a match and burn every advisor’s LinkedIn profile page to the ground. Here is why advisor LinkedIn profile pages stink and how you should change yours for the better. My three-question test will let you see if your LinkedIn profile page stinks.

Why is my LinkedIn page important?

For those of you naysayers who don’t believe in social media and don’t care about LinkedIn, let me show you something. Open Firefox right now and type your name into Google.

I’ll wait.

Go ahead.

It may not be the first one or even the second entry, but chances are that it’s somewhere on Google’s page one – assuming you have your settings configured properly, that is.

That means:

  • You must fill in all the sections LinkedIn requires to make the profile complete.
  • Your last name must be included (“Sara Grillo”, not “Sara G”).
  • You must have elected the “public profile visibility” option.
  • And a few other miscellaneous factors.