Three Examples of Great Advisor Content Marketing

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In prepping to write this article, I combed through countless wealth management firms’ web sites, looking for examples of great content marketing.

Man, was it hard to find anything.

If you’re a wealth manager, you’re doing some form of content marketing. You’ve got a monthly commentary, a piece guiding prospective or existing clients through an important life stage, or a seminar analyzing the upcoming election (spoiler alert: politics stink).

The bad news? Everyone else has that content too.

Too often, we jump into content marketing without thinking about what it needs to accomplish:

  1. It needs to act as an engagement tool, engaging our existing email list and social media followers with our latest thinking.
  1. It needs to act as a lead-generation tool, helping us to capture new, qualified leads who can become clients in the future.
  1. It needs to act as a brand-building tool, communicating your unique positioning as a firm and why you’re different.