The Four Commandments of Social Media

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Among consumers, 71% will recommend a brand based on positive social media experiences. Social media platforms are comprehensive marketing venues for businesses of all kinds – including financial advisors. By implementing a powerful social media strategy, you can get more eyes on your content and build your firm’s digital presence.

Yet mastering a successful social media strategy while running a business is no easy task. While getting into a groove with your social media plan may take some trial-and-error, there are some crucial commandments of social media to maximize your potential and reach.

1. Don’t start posts with “I,” “My” or “We”

Yes, social media allows prospects to learn more about you. Yet for advisors, learning about you is synonymous with learning about what you offer; and what you offer is the answers to your clients’ financial problems.

That being said, don’t allow fall into the “me, me, me,” trap on social media. Instead, make all of your posts client-focused. Focus on how what you’re sharing applies to your prospects. Speak in your audience’s language and address them directly.

In the LinkedIn post above (LinkedIn, also, is a great platform for financial advisors), the first version is all about “me,” “my beliefs,” and what “I share.” The second post is completely transfixed on the client, discussing why it’s important for your beliefs to align with those of your advisor. This is a grand improvement from the initial post.